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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Game Theory


Combinatorial Mathematics

Data Compression

Programming Basics

Data structure and algorithms

queue, set, linked list, heap, stack, hash-table, trie, b tree, b+ tree, red-black tree, splay tree, dfs, bfs, quick sort, heap sort, binary search, dynamic programming, dijkstra, floyd, hash(crc32, md5), math(number theory, linear algebra, 3D-math), etc.

Computer architecture

Software engineering

runtime(os, virtualization, interpreters, container..), design patterns, models(concurrency, memory..), mechanisms(gc, transactional..), theories, rfcs, etc.

Software frameworks

spring-boot, boost, express, vue, protobuf, zookeeper, hadoop, antlr, ionic, gtk, openGL, qt, etc.

Database and storages

relational(mysql..), document(mongodb..), time-serials(timescale..), key-value(redis..), graph(neo4j..), wild-column(cassandra..), event(event-store..), fs, hd, etc.


message-queue(rabbitmq, rocketmq, kafka..), etc.

Software architecture and solutions

c/s, b/s, p2p, distributed systems, decentralized systems, plugin, HA, micro services, serverless, faas, cloud infrastructure, etc.

Software development and quality assurance

methodologies, debugging, deployment, tools, testing, mainteance, performance, docs, CI/CD, security, monitoring, etc.



Surfing, Snowboarding, Cycling...

Life Pieces